Lawyer Of Counsel admitted to the Paris Bar in 2001

Valérie Saintaman

Valérie Saintaman

Lawyer Of Counsel

Valérie Saintaman is a senior Of Counsel and mainly advises on industrial and environmental risks before the civil, criminal and administrative courts.

She has extensive experience in litigation, having handled several hundred cases and major trials (Xynthia, dioxin pollution, pesticides, etc.). She also advises clients before conflicts arise, working towards an amicable resolution when an agreement appears favourable. She has acquired, especially in the context of high-stakes litigation, a particular expertise in private law and criminal law.

She also advises on real estate, energy and health-environment contractual issues.

  • Industrial and environmental risks
  • Environmental criminal law
  • Energy law
  • Health and environment
  • Private business law

Former lecturer in special contract law, Le Cours d’Assas (2010-2011)

  • CAPA, CRFPA Versailles
  • Institute of Judicial Studies, University of Paris Sud
  • DEA in Contract Law, University of Paris Sud
  • Master’s degree in International Private Law, University of Paris Sud
  • Master’s degree in Business Law, University of Paris Sud
  • Co-author of the Environmental Code, LexisNexis editions
  • Writes periodically in various journals: Gazette du Palais, Journal Spécial des Sociétés, Actu-environnement, Energie Environnement Infrastructures
  • Among the following productions:
  • Les certificats d’économies d’énergie dans leur cinquième période : nouveaux apports au code de l’énergie”, Actu-Environnement, June 2021
  • Administrations, consumers, owners and users of public services: what are the consequences of the climate law on a daily basis?”, JSS, May 2021
  • Environmental crisis management”, JSS, September 2020
  • Non-performance of private law contracts during the coronavirus crisis: derogatory provisions alongside common law mechanisms”, JSS, June 2020
  • The preservation of the environment operated by the JLD by means of article L.216-13 of the environment code”, Energy Environment Infrastructures, May 2020
  • Covid-19 crisis and endangerment”, JSS, April 2020
  • Les certificats d’économie d’énergie dans la loi Energie-Climat”, Energie Environnement Infrastructures, February 2020
  • De nouveaux outils législatifs encadrent le dispositif des CEE”, Actu-Environnement, January 2020
  • Criminal conviction for endangering populations exposed to dioxins from an incinerator”, Energie Environnement Infrastructures, December 2019
  • Exposing third parties to a serious risk, a punishable offence for classified installations”, Actu-Environnement, October 2019
  • La nécessaire adaptation des compagnies d’assurance au changement climatique”, JSS, July 2019
  • Public procurement under the eye of the criminal judge”, JSS, March 2019
  • The new evils: electromagnetic waves”, JSS, February 2019
  • The offence of endangering others as a tool for protecting health and the environment”, JSS, February 2019
  • Contours and modalities of the reparation of ecological damage”, JSS, October 2018
  • Energy saving certificates: the challenges of the 4th period”, JSS, May 2018
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  • Presumption of fault on the part of the lessee in the event of pollution of the industrial site operated”, Gazette du Palais, January 2017
  •  “Competence of the judicial judge to rule on the liability action of the owner of a polluted site against the last operator”, Gazette du Palais, September 2015
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