Hugo Lepage Avocats relies on a collaborative ecosystem of open innovation. The sharing of knowledge, dense intellectual reflection and the promotion of a more respectful world are at the heart of these networks.


Law is a crossroads that translates into common rules technical requirements that the lawyer is not able to understand alone. This is why, given the numerous technical and scientific fields in which the firm is called upon to carry out its activities, and also the new fields of expertise that are opening up, it wished to formalise, in a very flexible manner, cooperation with other actors from numerous fields. The creation of the TREEES network meets this objective, allowing some twenty experts and structures to work together, to develop a shared doctrine and ethic, and to achieve a real fluidity of cooperation in the service of their respective clients. It goes without saying that the law is also, in a reversible way, a contribution for all these technical disciplines.


Huglo Lepage Avocats has been a member of GESICA since its creation. GESICA is a European network of law firms that have chosen to emphasise the quality of communication and the transparency of fees between its members and their clients.


The TREEES network is a network of experts, created on the initiative of HLA, bringing together legal and non-legal experts, individuals and legal entities, in various fields: architecture, biodiversity, biology, chemistry, communication, accounting, sustainable construction, energy and energy economics, green finance, sustainable real estate, IT notaries, air quality, CSR, soil health, real estate and property values. The objective of the network, which brings together professionals from regulated professions and consulting firms, is to offer our respective clients a wide range of expertise from people who are used to working together, and to reflect on the necessary transformations of our economic model by sharing the same ethical values.

Huglo Lepage Avocats is a partner of the Entrepreneurs of the New Economy, aware that their activity creates externalities on their stakeholders, society and the environment. Through their commitment, they try to limit negative externalities and encourage positive ones.

The ICH Business Club is a professional network with a human dimension. Each member contributes his or her know-how and personal skills in a friendly atmosphere. This is our way of creating an “efficient club spirit”: efficiency and conviviality at the service of our members.

The ICH Business Club is open to all professionals in the real estate, construction, housing, finance, architecture, development, insurance, etc. Whether they are ICH graduates or have other training, what is important is the values shared by all members, in order to encourage their personal and professional development, as well as the creation of collaboration opportunities.


Huglo Lepage Avocats was the first law firm to sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We are now working to promote it throughout the world.

Huglo Lepage Avocats is a partner in the Justice Pesticides initiative. A tool for information and cooperation for victims of pesticides thanks to a legal database enabling them to take action.