Urban planning and development

Multiplication of procedures, legal and environmental constraints make the setting up of operations more and more complex, as well as it increases the risk of litigation. Huglo Lepage Avocats accompanies you, secures your projects, and represents you in the defence of your interests.

Authorizations and planning documents

  • Legal audits of building, development, demolition and subdivision permits, commercial operating permits, public buildings (ERP)
  • Urban planning litigation : summary suspension, appeals for abuse of power, liability claims, judicial expertise
  • Violations of the urban planning code, illegal or unlicensed construction
  • Preparation and evolution of urban planning documents: PLU and PLUi, SCOT, SDCI, local housing programmes (PLH), urban travel plans (PDU), regional schemes (SRADDET, SRCAE, SRCE)

Land use planning

  • Major urban development and renewal projects
  • Declarations of public utility (DUP) and project declarations, projects of public interest (PIG)
  • Collaborative Development Zones (ZAC), development operations
  • Scheduled Habitat Improvement Operations (OPAH), National Interest Operations (OIN),
  • Expropriation, pre-emption, land reserves

Heritage protection

  • Classified sites
  • Historical monuments
  • Areas for the enhancement of architecture and heritage (AVAP)

Coastal law and natural risks

  • Coastal law
  • Natural risk prevention plans (PPRN, PPRI, PPRIF, PPRM)
  • Loi Barnier

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