Faced with the great contemporary challenges, the sense of responsibility


For 40 years now, ethical values have been at the heart of Huglo Lepage Avocats. These are not only the ethical values that should apply to all lawyers in their professional practice, with respect to their clients, their colleagues and their Order. Above all, it is about the sense of responsibility of lawyers and the law with regard to major contemporary challenges from governance and therefore public law, to the environment and public health. The evolution of the world shows the major role that law can play in favor of the general interest, or on the contrary, against it, whether it concerns corruption, pollution or even legal structuring at the edge of the legality line…

Supporting ecological transition makers

By renewing itself, the firm wants to affirm its choice to assist and advise in favor of the protection of environment, the preservation of public health and resources, and human well-being. We offer all the support they may need to companies that choose the improvement, progress and ecological transition path. This is why Huglo Lepage Avocats actively contributes to the development of the Entrepreneurs Movement for a New economy (le MENE), which promotes a connected territorialized economy, neither fossil nor fissile, and in the service of well-being.

Acting for general interest

As the initiator of public law in the lawyer profession, author of the Lexis Nexis Code of administrative justice, the firm aspires to offer all actors the possibilities offered by public law and in particular public business law to act in the defence of the general interest and long term visions. As designer of major environmental trials, Huglo Lepage aims to provide all the victims of natural and industrial disasters, with all the legal and psychological support that this type of case generates and all the legal and financial engineering that these long trials require. The firm represses any form of conflict of interest, which is an enemy of the trust clients place in us.


Our 7 commitments



Zero conflict of interest


Environmental ethics

Financial transparency


In accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of the RIN this charter can be public.