Public and private business law

The action of public and private decision-makers is part of an increasingly decompartmentalized logic, calling on transversal issues, at the confluence of public and private law. Huglo Lepage Avocat’s lawyers work alongside with you at all stages of the procedure, securing your projects and defending your interests before national and European courts.


Droit des affaires publiques et privées, nos avocats Valérie Saintaman et Benoît Denis interviennent à vos côtés

Public action

  • Administrative police (public safety, tranquillity and salubrity)
  • Inter-municipal cooperation
  • Assistance to project owner, project assembly
  • Sanitation
  • LIability of public authorities

State law

  • Qualification and protection of the public domain (maritime, fluvial, natural and artificial public domain) and private domain
  • Occupation of public and private property, administrative long leases
  • Management, valuation
  • Land control

Contracts & Public Procurement

  • Procurement and execution of public works contracts, supplies, services, delegation of public services, development concessions, public-private partnerships
  • Project financing
  • Calls for tenders
  • Contractual litigation, pre-contractual summary proceedings

Private law contracts

  • Setting up contractual projects
  • Negotiation
  • Green lease
  • Environmental liability guarantees
  • Environmental Annexes

Real Estate

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