A law firm always at the forefront of innovation

For its 40th anniversary, Huglo Lepage Avocats is reinventing itself to meet the new challenges of our time. Created on the 1st of January 1978, the law firm is rebuilding itself around a new ecosystem and the strong values that have made its reputation.

The innovation in public law

Huglo Lepage Avocats is the first public law firm, opened by Avocats à la Cour. At the time, only Avocats au Conseil d’Etat et à la Cour de cassation were pretending to the practice of public law. Both holding a doctorate in public law, Christian Huglo and Corinne Lepage learned their profession with an Avocat au Conseil d’Etat et à la Cour de cassation for several years. The pratice of public law constitutes a strong element of the firm for years, and many prizes have been awarded to them for this activity.

The firm assists both public or private clients such as : local authorities, private companies, associations or individuals. The firm mainly advises and litigates in the area of environmental law, urban planning law and public business law.

Moreover, the presence of a private law team in the firm allows us to combine the areas of private law at traditional administrative law, areas which are often linked, especially in the field of civil and criminal liability.

A recognized expertise in environmental law

In 40 years, Huglo Lepage Avocats has conducted most of the largest environmental law cases in France, Europe and even in the United States with the Amoco-Cadiz case law. Christian Huglo is a pioneer of the environmental law with the Montedison case law (red mud trial in the early 1970s), followed by the case concerning the pollution of the Baie de Seine et du Rhin.

The trials of Amoco-Cadiz, Erika and more recently Xynthia have made of Huglo Lepage Avocats the leading specialist in collective proceedings in the environmental law matter. Defendant of foreign public authorities, such as the Land of Saar or the city and canton of Geneva in different nuclear law trials, the firm is also developing its expertise in all the new areas of the environment : hazardous products, biotechnology, green chemistry….

A strong presence in the legal doctrine

Huglo Lepage Avocats is the author of the Code de Justice Administrative and the Code de l’environnement, both published by LexisNexis. The firm is also at the forefront of environmental legal doctrine. Christian Huglo co-leads the environmental JurisClasseur.


Pleadings before the Tribunal correctionnel de Paris, in the case of the incinerator (Maincy). The first case relating to an incinerator judged in France


Sentence of the tribunal administratif de Poitiers : an elected representative of the municipality of La Faute sur Mer in Xynthia tragedy


Conviction of the French Governement about the health-related harm due to green alguae

Conviction of French State for the health damage caused by green algae (Petit case)


Pleadings in the ERIKA case



Suspension of the VHT (very high tension) power line crossing the Verdon natural park


Beginning of the ERIKA case


Suspension of the cultivation of Novartis corn by the  State Council (Conseil d’Etat, French highest administrative court)


Corinne Lepage, member of the Bar Council

Creation of HUGLO LEPAGE & PARTNERS law firm


Publication of the Administrative justice code (LITEC)

Corinne Lepage, member of the Bar Council


Judge Mac Garr in Chicago ruled that Standard Oil of Indiana (as the parent company) and Amoco group were responsible towards several municipalities in Britanny


Submission of Corinne LEPAGE’s PhD thesis on the notion of social cost in public law


Litigation concerning the construction permit for the Flamanville nuclear power plant before the Caen Administrative Court and the Caen Court of Appeal)


Beginning of the Rhine trial (City of Amsterdam and Province of Holland vs. Les Mines de Potasse d’Alsace)

6 mars 1978

Beginning of the AMOCO CADIZ case