Energy and climate

Renewable energies will grow exponentially. The competence of the firm, due to its long experience in the field, affects the various energies such as the setting up of operations. On the other hand, reducing emissions and adapting to climate change are transforming the law. The firm is at the core of these topics.


Renewable energy

  • The different forms of energy are concerned : solar (photovoltaic, thermal and concentrated), on-shore and offshore wind, biomass, marine energy, hydroelectricity (dams and mills)
  • Setting up operations from the schemes to the financing: integration in the territorial schemes, setting up of operations, contracts, evaluation and assistance in the preparation of project financing projects
  • Legal security of projects, prevention of disputes
  • Setting up local energy projects, individual and collective self-consumption

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency and sobriety are important public policies

  • Renovation of buildings
  • Energy saving certificates
  • Energy performance of buildings


Emerging legal issues related to energy topics

  • Energy storage
  • Networks : access and costs
  • Electricity meters, especially Linky



  • Climate justice
  • Financial consequences: the new rules and especially their anticipation, exposure to climate and health risks lead to new behaviours on the side of companies as well as investors, insurance companies and banks

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